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Our Unanimous Consent in Action

Stable Currency Value

Faithful Source or Faithful Expenditure = Stable Value



“Utopian Capitalism is a plain-spoken, comprehensive social philosophy with the potential to solve poverty, violent conflict between nations and all other social injustice – at once and forever. The secular faith renewed by its initiation serves as a blueprint for every nation to follow when they are ready.”

Ewan Lilllicii
Social Architect

See the Benefits

As long as society benefits from an individual’s ability to live beyond struggle the Utopian Capitalism architecture will remain practical.

The unique architecture of Utopian Capitalism is not only flexible, but modular as well. Modularity respects the intention of the original social agreement throughout time. The intention itself is maintained separate from the structure of its implementation.


Money isn’t everything – it’s the primary means to a moment of national faith. Secondary means put that faith into perpetual motion as it turns into trust.


Motivation for a moment of faith from each individual of our society and the reasons why we ought perpetuate it.


Ideas upon which leadership, representatives, authorities, justice officials and our societies institutions will focus.

The Call

“…a spirit of global solidarity must not be lost.

At the same time, I would encourage you to keep in mind those people around us who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. They too need to be given hope.”

Pope Francis
24 Sept 2015

See the Perspectives

Unemployment Rate
Food Benefit Recipients

"The worldwide crisis affecting finance and the economy lays bare their imbalances and, above all, their lack of real concern for human beings; man is reduced to one of his needs alone: consumption."

− Pope Francis

"If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost."

− Barack Obama

"If the nation is not capable of preserving itself and reproducing, if it loses it vital bearings and ideals, then it doesn't need foreign enemies - it will fall apart on its own."

− Vladimir Putin

Utopian Capitalist Philosophy

Primary means of supporting faith from, toward and among all citizens is using Infinite Currency to provide everyone with a Struggle-free Life. Once this compassionate action overcomes our collective national struggle there are many other challenges for our nation to focus upon.

Utopia + Capitalism

“Utopia is a collection of personal perspectives defined by boundaries to harm inside of which everything is possible in every number of ways.”

When Utopia and Capitalism have been considered in the past the tendency has been for one to modify the other. I suggest Utopia can exist as a compliment to Capitalism that is completely unique.

Utopia is every individual’s personal perspective on their best life detailed within a boundary that limits harm. Capitalism is the means by which we may all take ownership of the challenging path toward, and fulfillment of, our best life to maintain, improve and share it over time.

As paired compliments, they are a promise by society to support and grow an environment for citizens which helps them improve toward their personal perspective on Utopia. As Utopia achieves a level of improvement in the life of each citizen it will invigorate a new, purer and sustainable Capitalism that reinforces the strength of social improvements.

I suggest the leading cause of harm to the largest harmed segment of our population is the cyclical struggle associated with having too little money when it is needed for the necessities that fall within the bottom two rungs of Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. Utopian Capitalism ensures a Struggle-free Life to every American regardless of employment status or current wealth as a fair means of eliminating the threat of that cyclical struggle. The primary means of achieving this agreement is buy determining the cost of those fundamental elements of a responsible life related to physiological and safety concerns and providing that amount to every American adult every month.

This can be achieved without any harm to the stability of our currency value. In a short amount of time it bolsters the value of our nation’s wealth from an international perspective. The key to currency value stability domestically is our unanimous consent.

Unanimous Consent

Currency is not an asset in real terms. It is a representation of value – wealth. When you own $1700 in gold you do not actually own that much gold. In truth you may own a pound of gold with a value of $1700. If your holdings fluctuate it is the value of gold that fluctuates. The amount you own – one pound – remains the same. If a dollar continues to buy the same amount of bread or gasoline that it did as your pound of gold fluctuates in value then it is clear that the value of a dollar did not fluctuate either. The worth of gold represented by a dollar value is the agreement between people that has changed.


Because everyone who holds gold as an asset agrees that they would like to increase the value of their holdings there is unanimous consent that as supplies of gold for sale dwindle it will increase the value. However, owners of gold are not the only people in this scenario. Those who do not own gold and who wish to own it agree unanimously that they would like to be able to purchase it at a reasonable price. If the price of gold becomes too high, for instance, as those holding it refuse to sell in anticipation of greater future profits those who wish to buy may simply shrug off gold and buy silver instead. Their lack of interest in gold individually has greater and greater power as it moves toward unanimous consent to ignore gold all together.

When faith erodes in a society that thrives or divides by financial and economic means it erodes the value of the means.

Stable Value

What is called for is a stability on which to base a future of trust that no matter how much the value of investments, products and other fruits of our labors may change that the underlying faith we have in each other and the respect for the value of our work and unanimous consents to principled behavior will remain stable over time.

Clearly, as our population explodes toward and past one billion in the United States over the next century we will need an increasing amount of wealth to put a total on all of the values that we agree to among ourselves and to all of the work we do to achieve them – valuable human resources.

Infinite Currency

Currency is, and should always be, infinite in order to provide a future environment for billions of Americans that keeps the value of their work as close to consistent as possible in order to avoid a loss of faith due to the superiority of unprincipled greed by those who have already benefited from work, appreciation and credit in their lives.

The primary means of supporting faith from, toward and among all citizens is using Infinite Currency to provide everyone with a Struggle-free Life. Once this compassionate action overcomes our collective national struggle there are many other challenges for our nation to focus upon.

Struggle-free Life

In Utopian Capitalist philosophy, our understanding of money is updated for the twenty first century. Money is no longer merely a component of economic structures such as financial markets, banking and ownership. Money also moves into another rightful place within the structure of our social structure itself. An intrinsic component of our right to a national environment that avoids the harm of flat or recessive progress.

At a time when our population is on track to expand toward half a billion people in our lifetimes we are expected more than ever to somehow improve our behavior and responsible outcomes in life. Struggle free life sets the foundation of our arcs of progress at the starting point so that we never again feel the unreasonable struggle of losing our financial growth and dropping through no fault of our own into the negative while the rest of society continues to grow theirs. Those harms of cyclical struggle are outside the boundary of a Utopian Capitalist society.

Struggle free life is achieved by determining the cost of meeting the personally responsible needs of physiology and ongoing safety of ourselves that are indicated at within the lower two steps of Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

That amount plus a small percentage on top to make a little progress as a capitalist even if you find yourself long-term unemployed will be paid to each American citizen monthly.

Our society will make no earmark demands on us. Our government’s sincerity – visible through active support of the environment we need to make meaningful improvement as a population – is all the guidance an improved and improving population needs to do the right thing with their Struggle-free life perpetually.

World Inspiration

Once the United States displays to the world that Utopian Capitalism has eliminated the poverty line it will be the viral metaphor of the next century. As other nations use our template for Infinite Currency’s structure they will spread principled behavior, Capitalism and a Democratic spirit across continents by role model.

The necessary confidence to do so will exist in the ability to exchange a domestic currency for international and to value each nation with the same transparency as the leaders of these new secular faith-managed systems.

Faithful Expenditures

Here are a few of my suggestions for faithful expenditures - using unanimous consent successfully - that support an ongoing secular faith in America and elsewhere on Earth.

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Benefits to Citizens

Better outcomes for every individual. Without exception.

Eliminate Poverty

Food benefits are great when you need them. Yet at
just over $2 per meal they still require constant watch to
avoid running out. Struggle-free is food and every other
thing a person needs for the fundamentals of a life that is
free to focus on long-term goals.

Struggle-free means we have the money required
to buy the food, household, transportation and personal care items we

The war on poverty begun by President Johnson is
over. We win!


No Income Taxes

Taxes. Why bother?

Wealth creation details will still be submitted to the government by each American for tracking and statistical purposes. Government will fund itself from a percentage of the prior year’s GDP set in advance by the three branches
of our government. States will operate the same way. If there is ever a sincere need to go beyond the set limits a representative will draw up a proposal and submit it for approval. No community in America will ever go bankrupt

That doesn’t mean the IRS has to lay off employees either. They do a great job or organizing, transferring and mailing out millions of hundreds of millions of checks every year. We need that expertise to deliver struggle-free payments on time every time.

From a personal perspective, no taxes paid by business or citizens means salaries will lessen, costs will go down for employers, innovation will be motivated to occur and the opportunity of available cash to do so will
ensure that it does.


Crime Reduction

Larceny, auto theft and burglary will see dramatic decreases in number of incidents when everyone is given the opportunity to have a struggle-free life. Crime in general is a result of people with their backs against the wall.

When the entire population realizes that it will never again face the kind of struggle that destroys their goals or defeats their will to improve it will have a profound effect on crime. Time perspectives will widen so that momentary feelings of lack will no longer overpower long-term goals.

The role model of government concerned about each citizen at the individual level is a strong metaphor for compassion. Compassionate citizens will follow in kind – showing that compassion toward each other in increasing numbers.


Secular Faith Renewed

Religion and faith go hand in hand. Yet religion is just one means to achieving faith. When you consider the multi-directional trust and goodwill that Americans have for each other it speaks to a different kind of faith – secular faith.

In a society of waning trust among its citizens you can graph faith like a disk. Stacks of disks along an x-y graph are a representation of strata of society. In each of the strata people are aware of the needs, motivations and personalities that make up the average of that disk. Outside of any one disk it is much harder for the people on the inside to understand the others.

When a compassionate inspiration like struggle-free living is given to the entire nation at once by the government it looks like a graph entirely shaded in. A moment when everyone understands each other.

We are all at the mercy of financial savagery from time to time. Whether you are on welfare or have a billion dollars in the bank. Whether you are a city employee that must deal with budget shortfalls or a Congressman that must deal with period government shutdowns in the latter part of December. Everyone understands the harm of the struggle. Everyone will understand the solution. That promotes faith – secular faith.


Foreign Policy

As the social ills of the world’s first Utopian society begin to fall away and the understanding of limitless challenges rise to take the place of cyclical struggle other nations will find themselves anxious to duplicate our success.

Foreign Policy will become Foreign Friendship as we assist those early adopters to implement our system using their own currency to achieve domestic stability, faith and prosperity. Countries that have been decimated by currency fluctuation and loss of faith will become our long-term friends with a well-deserved appreciation for our Struggle-free ideals.


Long-term Master Plan

The Benefit of Having Enough: Master-planning Our Nation

In our lifetimes, the United States government has followed a metaphor of reaction to clarification that fits its personality as projected onto it by the rest of the world. We have been the world’s policeman. Just like our military, policemen do not react until a harm has been committed or is imminent. In the reflection of society’s willingness to act to avoid harm to the civilian population, however, restraint is not a virtue since judgment of an equitable harm is unnecessary.

Instead, principled action is the stronger persuasive argument to alleviate common threats to life or its quality. Once threats are alleviated and opportunity creation becomes the focus to sustain a matching reflection in Behavior Improvement the notions of restraint or allowance is replaced by the notions of better directions on the shared path of your master plan.



More opportunities will foster an environment of desire for education and self-improvement. All of which is built on a foundation of literacy. Environments of depression, struggle and disconnected citizens that once fostered illiteracy will be virtually eliminated. The ability to thrive without fear of what the future may bring will replace those situations with optimism and motivated learning.

End of War

Once a nation begins to see the opportunities presented by a struggle-free population and begins to fill in its national personality with a long term master-planning focus they will begin to create value that builds upon itself.

Who will want to risk that being destroyed? War will become a much more distasteful alternative to conflict resolution. Our current military will decrease in size as those who entered into the armed forces for a steady paycheck will find that security elsewhere. Those who stay will become our next great explorers in places like the Moon, Mars, Antarctica and under the sea.

This is a big deal. Perhaps the biggest reward of them all. The end of war on Earth marks the first time that nations themselves will not suffer from cyclical struggle.

Every national psychology is a reflection of the sum of each citizen’s psychology.

To have been the “world’s policeman” even for a century at a time when every other facet of human life is getting more stressful takes a toll on your emotions – and on the group emotions of the United States.

Withdrawing from a world theater no longer interested in playing war and destruction will do us all – in the U.S. and the rest of the world – much good as we think on opportunities beyond our cyclical quagmires.


Affordable Care Premium

Health insurance, car insurance, and other forms of insurance deemed to be part of a struggle-free life will be accounted for within the struggle-free amount paid to every adult citizen. How much it costs will not be a concern. If premiums quadruple that would be OK. Every citizen will still be able to afford what we deem to be part of a struggle-free life.

Struggle-free means eating the kinds of foods that are right for your body. A gluten-free diet, for instance, can be very beneficial to your health if you are adverse to gluten. It’s also a very expensive diet to maintain. Struggle-free payments will take your dietary needs or other medically and health-appropriate necessities into account.


Improved Patriotism

Imagine how people will feel about their country when expenditures of government become more transparent and plain-spoken, crime descends, the U.S. becomes a strong role model in the world again and everyone gets a struggle-free check as a token of the compassion we all have for each other and the value we give each other’s work and artistry. Enough said.

Perspectives Widen

People who struggle think less about their future and more about their present survival. That time perspective shrink is one reason people commit crime – they feel as though there is no other option or that only the current day matters and the long-term repercussions don’t have to be considered. A shrinking sense of community perspective also contributes to social problems.

When citizens begin to feel less separate from the other groups in their local society their community perspectives will widen. They will see their goals, how to achieve them and where they can take them.

Focusing on upper levels of the Mazlow’s Hierarchy of needs without ever falling below the bottom two rungs will widen time and community perspectives in each American. Those healed fractures will then complement each other for renewed growth in a new Renaissance of understood opportunity.


Inclusive Thinking

Struggle-free is not the same as welfare. The fact that it will be paid to every American regardless of financial situation will eliminate the notion of some people taking advantage of what others contribute. As superior thinking fades its absence will assist in healing fractures of social strata that have contributed to misunderstandings among large groups of people within our nation. The kinds of misunderstandings that lead to racial violence, discrimination and indifference to suffering.

Even if a person chooses to never work again at the very least they will be viewed as a great customer with that 10% of surplus they can use to buy a new TV every year or go on a vacation.

In Utopian Capitalism the rich will get richer. Yet the poor will no longer be poor. They will be secure. There will be more opportunities to become wealthy and achieving financial independence will be a more realistic goal for those that desire it.


Innovation Incentives

Innovations that support our future intention for growth or create a platform for others to create their artistry upon may be offered incentives by the government in the form of: (1) Priority to mentor new companies/industries the government helps fund with a cut of the profit as they matures (2) Cash incentives (3) Organizational real estate (4) Voice in planning matters related to the new industry

It’s important to realize that this is NOT socialism. These are incentives given by the government to jump-start industries that are part of a master plan so that the timing of that plan will continue to be accurate.

When incentives support the population with interesting careers and more opportunity there is no problem – especially when they become so commonplace that they are no longer seen as being unfair. Thank you, USA.


Higher Education

Infinite Currency allows our society to fund the situations it needs on time all the time. When under-served career paths are part of our long-term plan they can be incentivized with full-tuition scholarships for new students or those changing careers.

Economic Stability

Think back five or so years ago when the European Union nations began to lose faith in their Euro currency and economies descended the public into chaos. Do you remember which two countries were notable for avoiding failure? Britain and the United States. Why?

Both countries share their currencies with other nations that have more faith in the dollar and the pound than in their own currency. That cross-border faith keeps everyone afloat even when faith may falter in one or a few of the currency-sharing countries. (Another aspect of economic buoyancy is the fact that when you project faith on the dollar or pound there is a place and a historical record of faith returned to associate with it.)
Now imagine if every nation had their own national
currency with a 98% similar structure for keeping it
stabilized. The projections of faith would be placed upon
the authors of such a structure and then in time on the
structure of stability itself.

Knowing that every nation in the world shares a stable structure of one of the major components of societal agreements is like sharing faith in the dollar. It’s faith that lends an economic hand when national personality is attacked by loss of faith in other facets of society. No more collapse. Anywhere.


Employment Issues

When a person has the ability to sustain life without struggle above the bottom two tiers of the Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs they never lose sight of their goals and long-term plans.

Problems such as a layoff or inability to find work in a double-digit unemployment environment are no longer situations of destruction. They become mere delays during which time savings and intentions remain intact.

20% unemployment? No problem. Except for one. What is that Congressman doing? He has all the money he needs! Does he know his district wants to get back to work? Help the city break ground on a new junior college fast. Seed another venture to innovate the hydrogen fuel industry and begin soliciting public funds to incentivize growth of the platform in ways that others can pick up and run with.

No public ownership. Seed capital and incentives that require no payback when private funds are not available and master planning schedules are involved. Incentives to create open architecture platforms whenever possible to benefit the multiplication of opportunity. Stronger capitalism with sincere guidance.


Immigration Issues

When other countries adopt our model for Utopian Capitalism it will be the end of negative immigration issues. Citizens of any struggle-free country will opt to stay in the place they grew up unless they have the will to be a part of a different national personality – the kind of immigrants you want!

When given the opportunity to build their nation the way they choose without the struggles of joblessness weighing on their lives every citizen of every nation will likely stay and improve their part of the Earth.


Opportunities Blossom

Once cyclical struggles are cleared from the national agenda our Executive and Legislative branches are free to think upon opportunity creation in partnership with the business, social and financial leaders of our country. After decades of cyclical issues taking up space in our political conversations many people may have a hard time considering what else there is to concern our government.

The answer is simple – everything else.


Heroes, Legends and Justice

New legends are a suitable addition to history as we start the new calendar Age of Aquarius. The President, his Vice-President and his White House that initiate a struggle-free Utopian Capitalism will be legends for the next thousand years.

Members of Congress will be heroes in their home districts. Citizens will feel part of a special moment in time. There is much inspiration to go around.

When faith of an individual is considered the foundation of national wealth we literally can’t do it without YOU.


Representation Returns

When our Congress is allowed to fund every good detail it can think up for each Congressman’s, Congresswoman’s and Senator’s district and state along a master-planning structure a few things will happen. Exceptional things.

535 Congressmen and Congresswomen will have the potential to become heroes in their district every year. Gerrymandering will heal itself as representatives will desire to take advantage of the money multiplier to enrich their districts without flowing over the boundaries into another district

Steady streams of solutions to rising problems will emerge and cyclical problems will be solved once and for all.


Social Security/Retirees

The fear of an underfunded Social Security System is no longer an issue. Retirees will receive the same struggle-free paycheck as all adults. Along with their savings, that makes retirement more of an ease and joy. It also leaves retirement age up to the individual without thought to any penalties from the Social Security System.

Societal Perspectives

Benefits to society, leadership and the community of nations.

Compassion from the Top

In 2015 America there is an opportunity for compassion to convey to every citizen individually that our leadership and the federal government itself has concern for them and an awareness of changing needs, human potential and the passive role of society in personal improvement. That opportunity increases with low participation brought on by disillusionment with war, under-representation within gerrymandered districts and narrowed perspectives that focus on issues of struggle. The inspiration potential increases as the notions that those in the 1% care about those in the 99% degrade.

The long-term value and perpetual support for our economy, quality of life and principled living are benefits of a perspective shift on the goals that skills and wealth we already possess can achieve in a short amount of time.

A significant harm in our society is financial savagery. Absence of money when it is vital to the ongoing happy lives we have achieved can create a misery when it happens cyclically. Unemployment, illness, caring for a family member, loss of investment value, unjust enforcement for the sake of regulation over circumstance and other situations that inhibit your personal path to long-term goals are a collective harm as well as a personal tragedy.

Removal of harm from our environment is the fundamental job of society. It’s why society comes together in the first place. When the harm of financial savagery is removed from our lives, it is a reminder that compassion can still come from the top of our society and be felt by the individual at the base.


Role Model to the World

Once the United States displays to the world that Utopian Capitalism has eliminated the poverty line it will be the viral metaphor of the next century. As other nations use our template for Infinite Currency’s structure they will spread Capitalism -and most likely a Democratic spirit – across continents.

The necessary confidence to do so will exist in the ability to exchange a domestic currency for international and to value each nation with the same transparency as the leaders of these new secular faith-managed systems.

Projecting out the faithfulness of value in an individual’s work and appreciation to the national level utilizes Bureau of Labor Statistics data to organize the work force by career. Combining this amount of Work Potential with the total value of societal resources is a meaningful way to create national value.

The World Bank, United Nations or other world body can then promote workforce details in support of a world-wide master plan guidance by assigning multipliers to specific career paths. When a nation is focused domestically they will not pay much attention to multipliers. However, when they are of an international perspective they will tend to follow incentives in order to achieve a higher total valuation for their country and its wealth.


Inspiration that Endures

Unlike moments of war threat or civil liberty achievement the freedom that occurs from a Struggle-free life occurs every month when the money to achieve it is received. The memory of this good deed is renewed twelve times per year – every year. A moment of faith in perpetual motion.

Credit to Government

In the United States our society provides its “beings” (humans and wildlife) with services such as a government, law enforcement, food benefits, etc. Planning for the environment in which we will achieve and investing in advance to prepare it is a common practice in our society.

What about the budget our government comes up with every year? Can they reasonably come up with new currency value out of thin air?

Yes. But it doesn’t come from air. It comes from faith that if our society provides an environment where opportunities can exist that we will achieve in that environment. Therefore, that advance of credit is faithful.


Economic Stability

It is uncertainty that creates the first notions of stress surrounding money. Having a financial vehicle of certain, consistent value to place the stressful holdings of every other portion of your wealth is how we can take the worry out of money. Lack of worry is a certainty that inspires faith and ultimately trust.

People are valuable. In a society managed by faith people are the sole asset you can count on to retain their value over time. The work of individuals is the primary means by which wealth is created.

Appreciation of an investment such as a business, material or work product is the other form of wealth creation. Credit is a third form of wealth that has the potential to exist when spent.


Faith-managed Society

The initiation of a Utopian Capitalist perspective is a moment of faith that grows into trust over time. Sustaining that growth requires principled action in the use of that faith to achieve environments of progress and improvement for every American.

This marks a turning point where behavior control perspectives and intrusive methods of data gathering are abandoned for the sake of behavior improvement support environments that inspire faith and create trust over time. Unlike control methods, improvement environments indirectly achieve their results when led by role models and inspired motivations. All better means of achieving a better society for everyone.