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Seems like every other year Southern California is in desperate need of water. With Infinite Currency in our hands let’s do something about that.

For starters, a new design of water inlet that attaches a 90-degree turned pipe up from the normal dam inlet in order to pull water from the surface straight down. Screen that extends above the surface will prevent fish such as the Delta Smelt from swimming up and injuring themselves as we replenish the aqueduct – and the Central Valley water table.

Thinking bigger, how about terra-forming Mangroves and Salt Water Marshes on the coastline to desalinate sea water? We can start on vacant land at Camp Pendleton and build terra-forming skill within our military. The Marines might want to collaborate with the Army Corps of Engineers to build a first of its kind man-made river through the desert to fill the Salton Sea with freshwater and all the reservoirs along the way too.

How about undersea? In advance of large-scale undersea living and vacationing structures we can learn to use the pressurization of the ocean to our advantage. Check out this idea…

Method of Natural Desalination

Whatever the eventual solution, doing good for California’s in cyclical struggle for clean water is a faithful undertaking that we can afford to commit our money toward achieving.

source: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2013/12/23/18748333.php

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    The race to the bottom of energy use when it comes to desalination is still very much on , and development will continue to focus on cost. Understanding the processes of nature will be key to breakthroughs, large and small.

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