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“In war, a tie goes to the winners that avoid it.” – Ewan Lillicii

Some experts suggest that World War III will be a financial war between nations. If that’s true, then it will be a war of faith against faith. In that sense, it makes no sense! War is a faithless pursuit.

I suggest there is an easy way to avoid World War III or any financially-weaponized conflict. Perspective.

It’s important to remember that currency value, when not backed by an investment material, is an agreement among citizens of a nation. Internationally, the value is out of national control. International value is RELATIVE value anyway. Not a true value at all. More akin to the stock market roller coaster than a measure of a nation’s faith in government stewardship of its wealth and wealth potential.

Communicating the understanding of domestic and international perspectives on currency as a standard of differentiation to every citizen is all that it takes to guard against using FOREX markets and other international financial instruments as a means of undermining faith in domestic currencies. Setting the expectation that international values will rise and fall, but domestic consistency is expected to maintain in the long-term is what citizens expect their leaders to explain to them when they are informed enough to understand that their national currency is a component of their social structure as well as their financial and economic structures.

Keeping the moment of faith in perpetual motion will get easier as we do!

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