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As I thought about the genesis of money in work and appreciation (and later on credit) it occurred to me that the reflection of this onto the world perspective can easily describe how national currencies are valued in Utopian Capitalism.

Since Infinite Currency can be as abundant as desired domestically it doesn’t make sense to value national wealth on exchanges or by the total domestic value. (A small island nation could feasibly create more total wealth value than a G8 nation! Domestically. That total would be a numerical total – a fugazi.) Value of a nation in wealth terms relative to other nations comes from the same places wealth originates – work, appreciation of investments and credit.

Using Bureau of Labor Statistics and I.R.S. information for every adult to document current and potential skills within labor multiplied by average regional salary information arrives at a total work value for the nation.

Appreciation of Investments
Using the same I.R.S. data already reported arrives at an appreciation of investments (businesses) value that can be itemized along with value of natural resources, real assets held by the government, and the abstract values (calculations TBD) of platform businesses and trailing world master-planning contributions.

Just as secular faith of the population of a country becomes trust that allows for credit advances to take place so to does trust of stable Utopian Capitalism nations that live up to the faith in themselves create a form of credit at a world perspective. Credit for assuming leadership roles in the world and achieving long-term stability with the Utopian Capitalism structure in place is the way nations get a “pat on the back”.

As agreements between countries, treaties and United Nations mandates begin to create a long-term world master-planning direction there ought be a way to provide incentive for countries who decide to support it. Multipliers placed onto work and investment specifics that contribute to our world’s progress do just that.

If space travel and habitation of the moon is a goal then a 2 or 3 multiplier next to aerospace and deep space careers and investment choices will boost a nation’s overall value if it focuses effort in those areas. If not, no big deal. It’s a “gimmee” for team players. Nations focused on domestic issues can always ignore world directions while they stabilize and invigorate their own part of our Earth.

For nations that contribute in other ways to a shared vision of a more wonderful Earth – pollution reduction treaties, common rights and liberties, bans on violent behaviors and outcomes, etc – multipliers or other financial value incentives that add value to national wealth in the international perspective to make those nations’ currencies stronger in the international marketplace will be a fair and transparent way to reward good behavior in place of sanctioning “bad” behavior. A better metaphor for progress with integrity – the capitalist way.

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