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In countries like Greece where faith is a difficult commodity to come by how can belief in leaders, country and a citizen’s own future be reconstructed quick enough to avoid long-term disaster?

How about a mobile Vatican City? (The Soughed of Tourin’!)

For nations that have been ravaged by loss of faith’s conclusions – collapsed economy, poverty, high crime, low patriotism, corruption – a six-month stay by the Pope could be just the thing to solve their dilemma.

Imagine if the Cardinals, Swiss Guards and the Pope himself relocated into the capital of nations in need of unity. I can see many great outcomes:

  • Followers from neighboring countries will travel to see the His Holiness hold Mass over several months or more in manageable crowd sizes instead of the usual super-bowl sized gatherings
  • Bishops and clergy who would otherwise have to travel to Vatican City will be able to visit individually with the Pope and the Cardinals in their area of the world. More visits to local churches can be planned this way as well
  • Sense of pride from hosting the Vatican will assist secular faith in a destabilized nation for years to come
  • Metaphors of charity will improve. Money, food and raw materials will be secondary notions as the image of people coming to the aid of people takes the foreground
  • As its own sovereign territory the Vatican can be a place to mediate national issues between opposing factional leaderships without fear of arrest or violence
  • Once faith is renewed in a country it will be a blueprint to faith leaders of all beliefs that a long-term stay in countries in need can achieve outstanding results

Now let’s take things a step further using Greece’s problem as an example. What if the Vatican issued its own currency with value correlated to the top 20 stable currencies of the world? An influx of this currency could immediately stabilize the economy. To ensure long-term success it will be specified that once the Vatican leaves the country’s own currency will return at the same value per unit as the Vatican currency. In this way, as secular faith renews so does faith and trust in the national currency. Working together with the closest G8 member in the region to setup a Utopian Capitalism structure with Infinite Currency will follow for countries that feel ready.

Secular faith in society and faith in an individual’s own future go hand in hand. I see Pope Francis excelling at restoration of both wherever he may go.

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