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In Utopia the United Nations will be the clearing house of all the career and production multipliers that affect national valuations of member states. (For international trade only!) Each country may still enter into treaties, economic unions, free trade agreements, etc. Yet as the multipliers of world master-planning become more useful and meaningful to a world of Capitalist Utopias springing up to end poverty and stabilize domestic faith a third-party oversight by a trusted organization will give national valuations even more credibility than the faith already achieved from the work and appreciable investments they are based on.

The WTO will be the custodian of plans drawn up by the U.N. as well as arbiter and watchdog for countries that wish to work their treaties and agreements through that organization.

The World Bank will still provide loans, however those loans will be in instances of faithless populations that have recently overcome war, coup d’etat, natural disaster or other calamities that destabilize faith fundamentally. Third world nations moving to Infinite Currency for the first time might also benefit from having an infusion of currency from a neighboring country without the potential for fraud that a direct infusion could present.

Loans are also needed in cases of:

  • International workers that are paid in their own currency
  • Aid from other nations
  • Aid to other nations

In a third world situation you may even find that leader countries emerging faster into Utopian Capitalism take the lead with supply amounts while their more timid neighbors ride along without that ability until their governments are able to manage Infinite Currency effectively. In such cases, the World Bank will manage cross-border transfer between economic unions to ensure integrity.

From year to year the domestic total wealth pool will be reported to the World Bank and WTO first. Each organization will run domestic change through their own calculations to total gains in relation to career and production multiplied figures to issue warnings to the United Nations that domestic fraud may be occurring.

Each year the “safe zone” of wealth value increase will change not only on variables of domestic standing but also on the current range and ratios of countries of similar circumstance are creating. Situations such as natural disaster, major infrastructure projects and world master-planning contributions will be accounted for. This gives nations a pair of third-party oversights that may alert them to corruption unnoticed domestically.

The United Nations may then be informed after the WTO and World Bank verify their calculations with each other and the nation in question. In no event will penalties be assessed for domestic supplies increasing with consent of the government. Yet just as sanctions are put in place today for potential to violence, potential to currency fraud will sandbox willful state offenders. Power-focused politicians will disappear quickly as the gift of Infinite Currency attracts better behavior not only to the citizenry but also to leadership and representation.

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