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The key to giving Utopian Capitalism perpetual motion that carries it beyond its inspired moment of faith is a stable currency value. The certainty that an individual’s wealth gained from work and investment will be safe when held in the currency of a nation creates a trust that future work and investment in that nation will be worth the effort for an individual to attempt. As long as work and investment continues there will always be enough for everyone in the nation to achieve their own Struggle-free Life with an individual perspective on Utopia. When a government manages a monetary system that achieves this for its citizens they are rewarded by unanimous agreement with debt-free credit to fund faithful expenses.

For instance, all workers will agree they earn their salary. Their employers agree that they are worth it too. Salaries are a very faithful expenditure when they are paid out. Therefore, if we allow our government to simply print the money it needs every year to pay salaries to government workers that expenditure is a faithful one. If we could deduct another unanimously agreed faithful expenditure – our Struggle-free payments – from the list of expenses in our government budget our nation would benefit in these ways:

Eliminate the need for personal income tax
Reduce the corporate tax to a level that can provide a Faithful Source of tax revenue to cover discretionary spending.
Set a precedent for future expenditures funded by unanimous consent that we allow our government to make on our behalf, such as foreign debt, requiring no taxation or reduction of government savings

Sources of money inspire faith when they are based on work and appreciation. Expenditures of money inspire faith when they are paid with faithful sources of money OR when they complete transactions of faithful work and appreciation that are managed by government and organizations we have extended unanimous credit to do so.


When currency is infinite the faith you have in the people who earn and spend it and the credit you give to the government and organizations that manage it with integrity are the primary means of stability for that currency.

Remember, this faith and credit is all a part of a domestic perspective on currency. International perspectives on the relative value of a nation’s currency are separate and should never have the ability to undermine what a nation’s wealth value stability has achieved for itself. Creation of a world-wide method and system for determining relative values of national currency units overseen by organizations in which all countries have faith is the key to maintaining integrity among international currency values.

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